About Faith Journey Publishing

Creating Pathways to Publishing for You

A Christian Publisher Creating Pathways for Women of Color

The Landscape

  • You are Unheard - Between 1950-2018, books by POC accounted for only 5% of works produced by major publishers.
  • You are Undervalued - The average salary for female writers is roughly 25% lower than that for males.
  • You are Unseen - After an author reaches 50, the likelihood of her being published plummets.

New York Times, "Just How White Is the Book Industry?", By Richard Jean So and Gus Wezerek, 2020/12/11.
Data USA, "Writers & Authors", Demographic Information on Writes and Authors Comparison with Age, Gender, and Occupational Salary.

Are You Our Next Author?

You are, if you believe you’ve been entrusted with a message rich in wisdom, birthed from a lifetime of experience that forged your unique journey.

At Faith Journey Publishing, diversity in Christian publishing is our calling. Founded in 2021 to pave the way for traditionally underrepresented voices, our press brings authors from a culturally varied landscape to the forefront. 

Our publishing team unites a wealth of experience and unique gifts to bring your manuscript to your soon-to-be-inspired readers. Let’s put your story before the world!

Submission Details

We are a Christian book publisher currently accepting submissions for a variety of fiction and nonfiction written by women of color-Black, Indigenous, Latina, Asian or other-who’ve walked at least 45 years of their life journeys. We welcome emerging talent or authors seeking a publisher.

Not sure if your manuscript is ready for the world? We have a path for you too! See our Submission Guidelines for how you can request a free sample edit, up to 1,500 words, today!

Ready to Start Your Journey? Meet Your Guides.

Mari Fitz-Wynn

Founder and Editorial Manager 
Mari is a nationally and internationally renowned motivational speaker and award-winning author. Her works include Take Heart: 26 Steps to a Healthy Home School, Connect the D.O.T.S. and most recently, her third book, RISE UP! Poems of Protest, Poems of Praise. In 2018, she received a prestigious United Arts Professional Development Literary Grant for her upcoming novel, The Secret of Faith, to be published in 2023.

Mari began Faith Journey Publishing to help writers transform a lifetime of difficulties, challenges, risks, surprises and joys into books inspiring readers of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. An editor and writing coach with twenty-five-years’ experience, she conducts your manuscript through the first leg of its journey, refining it into gold.
In her limited free time, Mari enjoys spending time with her adult children, and pursuing her passion for jewelry design and song writing, and finding clever ways to train her untrainable dog, Ducky.

Kimball McNeal

Director of Marketing and Publications 
Kimball is a gifted communicator, professional blogger and author whose current project is a book exploring wisdom and aging.

With her decades’ worth of sales and marketing experience, Kimball conducts your book through the last leg of its journey, by helping you put your book in front of readers. She is passionate about partnering with you to connect your legacy with a world waiting to be motivated, inspired and enchanted.
In her not-so-frequent spare moments, Kimball enjoys honing her grio skills by devouring compelling interviews, serving at her church and exploring biblical history. While she and her husband live in Raleigh, N.C., she remains a loyal daughter of the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection and has a discerning palate for real cheese steaks, soft pretzels and water ice.